Huge smart phone opportunity remains

2012 Smartphones

Recently released research by Nielsen reports that

Whether or not you have a smartphone is closely related to both how old you are and how much money you make

What I found interesting in this graph that they shared was really that total smartphone penetration in the US is only 48% . That means there are 160 million people(based on July 11th 2012 Google data showing 311m as US population) without a smart phone. Since the release of the iPhone in 2007 Apple has sold approximately 180 million units all time. Clearly a tremendous opportunity still exists in the smart phone wars and that’s probably why it’s getting heated out there.


Nielsen’s research also discovered that 69% of recent phone purchases were smart phones. This underlines the opportunity at hand and proves that the majority of consumers no longer want dumb phones. Nothing revolutionary there.

The question that is most interesting to me is whether this opportunity will be captured by anyone other than Apple and the Android makers. Nokia(with Microsoft Windows Phone 7) and RIMM have been losing market share and have tried to reboot their offerings to compete better with Apple’s iPhone and the Android’s out there.

Therefore the smart phone war continues and the opportunity is still quite attractive. To make it more interesting I will leave you with this thought. This is only considering the United states!

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