Kijiji vs Facebook – The Sale of a MacBook

I recently bought a new Apple MacBook Pro and that meant I was in the market to sell my older MacBook. I decided to use the opportunity to see how the two marketplaces, Kijiji and Facebook, do against each other. You should know I worked at Kijiji and have many good friends at Kijiji but I am going to be impartial.

First step was listing the laptop.

Here is how the FB posting screen looked like:

Facebook marketplace
Facebook marketplace posting form.

The facebook form was very short relative to the Kijiji form which was a longer and more detailed form.

The Kijiji form first asked for the Ad Title.

Kijiji Posting First Screen
Kijiji Posting First Screen

Once I put in the ad title I had to pick the category. In my case Kijiji guessed the category and I was confirming so it was just a click.

Kijiji Category Picker
Kijiji Category Picker

Next up was another screen that took in more details about the item

Kijiji wants more details
Kijiji wants more details

As you can see above Kijiji wants you to confirm you are selling an item and not looking to buy; in my opinion this is duplicative. The price I want to charge for my laptop was asked at this point. Kijiji also offers other options like ‘Free’, ‘Please Contact’, and ‘Swap/Trade’.

The brand and screen size are asked. This is customized to the posting. Since it knows I am selling a laptop the screen size and brand matter. For other things you might see other questions.

I was also asked if I was the owner posting the item or a business. This matters to Kijiji because for businesses they have additional tools and services.

The ad title is shown again with what you entered earlier pre-populated but this time there is an opportunity to add an URGENT tag to your ad.

Features on Kijiji

Kijiji offers posters many features that are designed to increase the likelihood of your item for sale being seen by buyers.

Features available on Kijiji (Click on image to see larger image)

In the image above there are five features being offered. The prices of the features vary by the value they deliver. These features do work in many instances but are not guaranteed to work. Some are quite pricey.

The Homepage Gallery feature is the most expensive listed above. This features puts your product on the front page of Kijiji but don’t expect it to be there every time. Your ad will be in a mix of ads that are shown on the front page in a specific area, at the top of the front page. It is very valuable real estate given the massive numbers of people who visit Kijiji every day.

My advice on this is use features if your listing does not do well. You can buy features after you post your ad.  Kijiji will show you how many times your ad was seen and continue to try and help you optimize to sell your product.

Waiting for responses.

First Kijiji response:

I received my first Kijiji response within 10 minutes of posting. This first respondent agreed on a deal and requested I take down my listing. The person feared I would sell to someone else in the time it would take for us to meet.

I proposed meeting him the next day and we agreed to meet at a Tim Horton’s that is near where I live. Side tip – never meet anyone at home, it is dangerous.  I promised the person that I would hold the machine for them.

I received in total 7 messages. All were within 24 hours and 5 were within 4 hours of posting the ad.

First Facebook response:

Facebook responses took a little longer to come in. The first response was about 5 hours after I posted my ad. I really did not like that the responses were messages into my Messenger and mixed with my personal friend messages. Given the Kijiji response came in minutes after I posed I did not make a deal with any facebook buyers.


I didn’t think about this but in Kijiji’s mobile app there is guidance to utilize PayPal. This suggestion is to avoid handling large amounts of cash. Again Kijiji is looking out for your safety.


In my experience Kijiji is still the dominant marketplace. The quick response rate was a big value proposition. The messaging system was also very good but I think there is opportunity for additional features when it comes to multiple responses.

Facebook’s advantage is the very quick form. Within seconds you can have your product on the marketplace. However I didn’t like the responses going into my personal messages list. The response rate was not bad even though it took a bit longer to start getting responses.

The weakness Kijiji has is the longer form experience when posting the items. This however may be that the data they do get from you in the longer form is used to then target your item better.

Both Kijiji and Facebook are providing a valuable service. Kijiji wins this round for me but I will keep an eye on both and share my experiences in the future too.