Liverpool FC Toronto Fan Club

This season 2017/2018 was my first full season being a more active member of the Liverpool FC fan club in Toronto. It has been a beautiful experience.

I got to meet such a diverse community who are so passionate about the club. I tried to capture some of the passion throughout the last few Champions League games of the season.

Here are my favourite photos.

On May 26th 2018 Liverpool played Real Madrid in the Champions league final. I arrived at Scallywags, the official fan club bar, at 5:18am to get in line. Kick off was at 2:45pm. I was not the first in line.

UCL Final Lineup
I arrived at 5:18am to line up and I was not the first to get there.

This next photo is inside Scallywags during the final. It is at the end of the bar. We call this the Kop at Scallywags. It is my favorite photo from all the photos I have taken from the fan club. The passion is so evident in their faces. Just look at them.

Liverpool FC Passion
The passion is real!

Four hours to go to kick off and the line was around the corner. It started at 4:40am.

The line up to get into Scallywags started at 4:40am and with 4 hours to go to kick off this is how it looked.

2nd leg versus Roma is over. Liverpool in final. Time for celebrations. Fans pour out into the street to show their happiness.

Celebrations after Liverpool finished the 2nd leg of the semi final match

Mo Salah has taken the world by storm this season and Liverpool fans love him!

Mo Salah love everywhere.

Inside or in line the signing never ceases with this group.

Fans who don’t stop singing
Chants while watching
When a goal is scored everyone goes nuts.
Everyone watching intensely.

A big thanks to the Liverpool FC team for a wonderful season. It didn’t end the way we hoped but it was lots of fun. Huge thanks to the Liverpool FC fan club in Toronto for letting me be a part of the experience. What a great community of people from all walks of life, different backgrounds and religions and we all unite to support a wonderful club. You’ll Never Walk Alone!