Password Management

Online activity is constantly on the rise. There are more and more services coming online everyday. A great majority of those services require some sort of authentication. Most use a username and password combination as authentication keys. People who use more than one of these services eventually start to reuse their passwords because it becomes to confusing keeping up with many different passwords. This can be a security nightmare.

Until recently it was generally recommended not to write down your passwords. Now things may be changing. A Microsoft security expert suggested encouraging users to write down their passwords at a conference covered by His argument was that by allowing users to write down their passwords people will use a variety of passwords instead of one password for many accounts. I personally agree with his idea but I would not write passwords down on paper.

Here is how I implemented the recommendation.

I use an open source application called Password Safe. Password Safe helps me keep a list of all the sites that require a password. For each site I save the username and password I use. It also helps generate random passwords for me.

When time comes to use the passwords I don’t have to retype the password. I just double click on the site name in Password Safe and the password is copied to my clip board in memory. When Password Safe is minimized all passwords in the clip board are erased from memory.

So all my passwords are stored in Password Safe and to access them Password Safe itself requires a password,  a very strong password. Hence I have multiple random passwords protected by 1 very good password that I change frequently. All of this is stored on 1 computer and that computer is the only computer I use to access any and all of my accounts. Using only 1 computer that I am very familiar with helps me avoid falling victim to key stroke programs.

In Summary:

  • Use unique password for each account.
  • Use a password generator to create random passwords.
  • Use any software of your choice to manage all your passwords.
  • To access your software make sure you have a very difficult password.
  • Better to be safe than sorry.

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