PC(Windows) vs. Mac(IOS)

I came across an interesting post on Asymco regarding PC sales vs. Mac sales.  The post shares a lot of information regarding the changing sales ratio between Windows based machines(PC) and Apple’s Mac. The graph below summarizes the changes over the years.

*This includes Mac-iPhone-iPad combined vs. PCs

Why does all this matter? It matters because this is the most competitive the platform wars have been. What platform wars? Well what has kept Microsoft very strong is the fact that its Windows operating system(OS) has dominated to the tune of 80%-90% of the market share. With increasing sales of Apple products, all utilizing IOS, that platform advantage is slowly eroding. In addition to the rise of Apple the falling value of native operating systems is also threatening Microsoft’s Windows platform. As more and more software moves to the web and the internet evolves into an operating system in the cloud Microsoft will find it more challenging. Of course the beauty of the technology industry is that it is fast evolving and assumptions are often proven wrong. What is a fact is the trend of increasing Apple IOS device sales and that may be a long term sustainable trend.

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